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Even when there’s a person like Masaaki Yuasa managing the adjustment of among your favored tales, there’s constantly a little fear that something will not click. In Ping Pong’s case specifically, combining Yuasa with mangaka Taiyou Matsumoto was practically too ideal, since as any one who has actually checked out Matsumoto’s other works will understand (Tekkonkinkreet and Sunny among them,) his drawing design is actually distinct, preferring unequal and rugged lines, a visual that’s likewise just like Yuasa’s own for Mind Game, Kemonozume and Kick Heart.
Kaiba, The Tatami Galaxy, Tekkonkinkreet, Ping Pong and Sunny. These 2 are among the finest working in animanga today, so when the Ping Pong anime was revealed, it felt too ideal; too much like a dream; something had to go incorrect, right ?!
ActuallyReally no.
Talking as somebody who fell in love with the live action movie variation of Ping Pong numerous moons ago (and even composed about it on this blog site! I feel like I understand this tale off by heart by now, however I’m still so ecstatic to see Yuasa’s take on it, as well as my fellow anime fans’ responses to it all. It’s actually unique for me to see individuals talking about odd characters like Peco, Smile and Demon, characters that have actually been near and dear to my heart for years now.
In terms of criticism, the one grievance that I’ve discovered rather puzzling (or lazy) is that Ping Pong is “simply another” sports anime, as though it’s a tale that feels like it’s been done prior to? For the record, I cannot get enough of sports anime anyhow, however Ping Pong is still absolutely nothing like Hajime no Ippo, Aim for the Ace, Cross Game, Slam Dunk or Ookiku Furikabutte.
Exactly what I’ve constantly liked about this tale (and Kuroko’s, too, I expect) is the means that these characters relate to each other: exactly how Smile sees Peco, exactly how Peco does not recognize that Smile idolises him, exactly how everybody in this tale is influenced by everybody else around them. That’s exactly what Ping Pong has actually constantly been about to me: heroism, ready to attempt to live up to another individual’s expectations of you. That’s not always a healthy thing, however if you’re talented at something, individuals will look at you and be motivated.

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